Matthieu Laneuville

LaneuvilleI am originally a physicist who became interested in planetary sciences. Most of my work so far has been on the interior evolution of planets using everything from simple energy balance arguments, to solving the 3-dimensional Navier-Stokes equation. One key aspect to my research is trying to understand specific planetary observations (Mercury’s contraction, long lasting magnetic field of the Moon, short lasting magnetic field on Mars, etc), while making sure that the processes we invoke remain as general as possible (i.e., avoid overfitting).

Therefore, I have a good background in mathematics, programming (mostly python, c++, general unix and cluster environments), and global evolution of planetary interios. This year, I am available in ~July/August to either teach some of my experience or discuss the development of a planetary science courses. In the long run, I hope to be able to receive exchange students for specific research projects, but I do not have appropriate funding at the moment.

I have organized several international events so, depending on interest, one could also imagine organizing an international planetary school or workshop in one of the planetary research centers in Africa to maximize local student visibility – as it may be harder for them to join other schools; I would be happy to help with that.

Contact: Earth-Life Science Institute, Japan, e-mail: :