AFIPS at the Met Soc meeting in Santa Fe

The Africa Initiative for Planetary and Space Sciences was presented at the Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society in Santa Fe, U.S.A.

The Initiative was presented as a poster :

Poster MetSoc_New_lr

It was also presented by H. Chennaoui-Ajoudjehane to the council members of the Meteoritical Society. The Annual meeting was also the occasion for several members of the initiative to organize an informal meeting. The minutes of the meeting by Hasnaa Chennaoui-Aoudjehane:

AFIPS Meeting on Thursday 27th July 2017 at 5:45 pm Convention Center Santa Fe during the MetSoc meeting.
Presents: K. Koeberl, U.W Reimold, L. Folco, D. Belhai, P. Rochette, H. Chennaoui
From left to right: Pierre Rochette, Luigi Folco, Hasnaa Chennaoui-Aoudjehane, Wolf Uwe Reimold
– AFIPS Workshop format and prevision
– AFIPS committees
On the committees:
– more African scientists should be involved in the initiative and should express their interest on it
– more communication about the AFIPS is needed in Africa
– need to identify active people in Africa in PSS
– need of an “establishing” workshop with all active people to discuss the format and the members of the committees
– one suggestion of the format: President, Vice President, Treasurer
On the workshop:
– better to organise it during one important event in Africa such us the Colloquium of African Geology CAG but the next one is in 2 Years
– if the CAG is selected, then, the communication will be only with Geologists not Astronomers and Astrophysists 
– One workshop to with all active people, need funding 
Need of discussion of the next step of AFIPS.
Try to be in touch of international foundations such as the European Community or UNESCO that may be a good “unmbrella” for the initiative.

Adjourn at 6:00 pm


Note by D. Baratoux: see recent updates about the next steps of the initiative.

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