Call for participation to the Pan African STEM Video Game Challenge 2018

The Africa Initiative for Planetary and Spaces Sciences (AFIPS) and the Pan African STEM Video Game challenge 2018 have decided to join forces to engage African students with STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Planetary and space scientists across the world are invited to contribute to this event that will take place in Africa.
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Portraits – Mayssa El Yazidi, 25 ans, Tunisie


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Le développement de la recherche scientifique dans le domaine des sciences des Planètes et de l’Espace en Afrique repose en grande partie sur quelques individus qui consacrent leur vie à cet objectif, avec passion. L’Initiative Africaine pour les Sciences des Planètes et de l’Espace, qui a suscité un intérêt international, souhaite donner à ces hommes et ses femmes l’occasion de les rendre plus visibles en partageant leurs expériences sur internet.

Nous donnons la parole aujourd’hui à Mayssa El yazidi, une jeune femme Tunisienne, passionnée par l’Astronomie, et la planète Mars. Mayssa a accepté de répondre à quelques questions, dont les réponses sont retranscrites ici. Nous espérons que cet échange sera source d’encouragement pour tous les jeunes qui se passionnent pour les recherches dans ce domaine.

Observation du soleil par les lunettes solaire ( 30.05.2017, Carthage, Tunisie)

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The University of Ghana has endorsed the Africa Initiative for Planetary and Space Science

Another great news for the AFIPS today ! The University of Ghana, which is one of the best universities in West Africa, has officially endorsed the AFIPS.

It is a good occasion to invite more African Institutions, Research Centers and Universities to consider an endorsement of this initiative, whereas researchers, lecturers and students are also invited to join this African network of Planetary and Space scientists.

We hope that new collaborations will develop between African Institutions and the University of Ghana, for research and education programs in Planetary and Space Sciences in Africa.

Here is below a copy of the letter of endorsement

Endorsement AfrPSS

Lousiana State University has endorsed the Africa Initiative for Planetary and Space Science

The Louisiana State University – College of Science (LSU) has endorsed the Africa Initiative for Planetary and Space Sciences. This new endorsement by a major University in U.S.A. has been possible thanks to the presentation of the AFIPS by Suniti Karunatillake to the dean, associate dean for research and director of administrative services of LSU, who have “appreciated the opportunity to build exciting new collaborative ventures via the Africa Initiative for Planetary and Space Sciences.”


The Africa Initiative for Planetary and Space Sciences on RFI

The broadcast “Atour de la question” by Caroline Lachowsky with Maram KAIRE and David BARATOUX may be listened to again here:

Quelle Astronomie pour le continent (in french) ? – Which Astronomy for the continent ?

The interview took place at the Institut Fondamental d’Afrique Noire Cheikh Anta Diop.

This interview was the occasion to discuss the Africa Initiative for Planetary and Space Sciences, and more generally the on-going efforts of African and international scientists to promote Planetary and Space Sciences in Africa, and the role of this scientific activity on Africa development.

Planetary Sciences at the next Colloquium of African Geology

The 27th Colloquium of Africa Geology will be held at the University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal 21st July – 28th July 2018. The Colloquium of African Geology (CAG) is a major biennial meeting organized under the auspices of the Geological Society of Africa (GSAf).

Like in the previous CAG27 meetings, contributions from all fields of geology are welcome. The AFIPS is happy to mention that contributions from Planetary sciences are also welcome and noted as a sub-theme of S01 – Crustal Evolution of Africa value (S01.6 – Africa’s contributions to Planetary sciences). Expected contributions include in particular studies of African impact craters, investigations of planetary analogues in Africa, and research on meteorites.

Deadline for abstract submission: December, 31st, 2017


Website of the meeting: http://cag27.web.ua.pt

Portraits – Meriem El-Yajouri, 25 years old, Morocco


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The development of scientific research in the domain of planetary and space sciences in Africa depends to a large extent on a few individuals who focus their energy to this objective, with passion. The Africa Initiative for Planetary and Space Sciences, which has attracted worldwide attention, is willing to take the occasion to make these men and women more visible, by sharing their experiences on internet.

Today, the spotlight is on Meriem El Yajouri, a young woman from Morocco, passionate about Astronomy and who had the initiative of the SpaceBus operation in Morocco. Meriem has accepted to answer a few questions, and her answers are written down here. We hope that this discussion will be source of encouragement for all young students or research, who are willing to engage in this research area.

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