On the Moon again – July 12-13, 2019

Dear observer of the moon,

Thank to all of those who already registered for the On the Moon Again event. In less than 100 days, we will be numerous around the world to release our telescopes to share the beauty of the Moon with passersby. A map of all observers and educational content will be available by June on the on the Moon again website.

300 participants in 40 different countries have already registered. We hope that Africa will be widely represented !

Take the lead on your local On the Moon again event and communicate as you like about it (social networks, local newspapers, municipality, associations, …).

Feel free to use the flyer below (click to download a pdf version in french or english).


For your information, a photo contest will be organized to reward the most beautiful photos illustrating this event. Among the lots, we can announce that a lunar meteorite and several telescopes will be to win. More information will be sent by July.

Good spring to all!
The team On the Moon Again

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