The AFIPS at EAS2020 meeting

The African Initiative for Planetary and Space Sciences was presented by David Baratoux (IRD) on June 20th at the European Astronomical Society Meeting as a contribution to the session SS15a – Africa-European collaborations in astronomy and space science: room to grow.

Download here the presentation in pdf

During the same session, Mamadou NDIAYE (Nice Observatory) presented the project RISE 5A (Arising Astronomy and Astrophysics Across Africa (5A): expanding collaborations between European and African researchers through the RISE program) recently submitted to the European Research Council and Adbelmadjid BENHIDA (University Cadi Ayyad) presented a contribution entitled “The Moroccan challenge and asset for Cooperation in Astronomy between African and European researchers”.

Download the presentation in pdf format

Download the presentation in pdf format

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