African Network of Women in Astronomy (AfNWA) under the African Astronomical Society (AfAS)

We are happy to announce the establishment of the African Network of Women in Astronomy (AfNWA) under the African Astronomical Society (AfAS). Astronomy and space sciences are experiencing significant growth in Africa. For the benefit of all, with AfNWA initiative we would like to guarantee female participation at all levels of these new and
important developments, to improve the status of women in science in Africa where currently in most of the countries the number of female researchers is < 25% (see UNESCO 2019 Women in Science report), and to use astronomy to inspire more girls to do STEM.

For more information about AfNWA objectives and activities please see:

With AfNWA we aim to connect and give more visibility to all women working in astronomy and related fields in Africa. If you identify yourself as such, please join our Network and become a member by filling AfNWA Membership Form at:

AfNWA objectives however can not be achieved without full support and participation of the whole society. If you agree with AfNWA vision and would like to support it, please consider to join the Network by filling the membership form independently on your gender and your current affiliation/country.

We are looking forward to collaborate with all of you in making AfNWA vision to become true in future for the benefit of our whole society.

AfNWA team
(Mirjana Povic, Vanessa McBride, Somaya Saad, Priscilla Muheki, Carolina
Odman-Govender, and Nana Ama Browne Klutse)

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